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Tagungsvideo "When Robots think"

Interdisziplinäre Fachtagung über Künstliche Intelligenz / Interdisciplinary Views on Intelligent Automation

Video: © Roland Mikosch

In Western societies, we are surrounded by artificial intelligent systems. Most of these systems are embedded in online platforms like Facebook. But embodiment of AI, wether by voice (Siri, Alexa, Cortana) or by actual physical embodiment (as in case of robots) give artificial intelligent systems another dimension in the way of perceiving these systems, how they shape our communication with them and with fellow humans and how we live and work together. The aim of the conference is to bring together some of the best national and international researchers to discuss and evaluate the state of the art concerning intelligent automation and its impact on individuals and society.

Therefore, the conference is divided into five sections, reflecting nature, essence and the impact of intelligent systems: Computer Science, Psychology, Society, Philosophy and Theology, Ethics and Law. Researchers and scientists from various disciplines are invited to participate in the conference. Hence, we open a call for abstracts in three formats: Poster session, short talk with an empirical and technical or a philosophical and ethical track.